Fusion as the intelligent grouping and combination of information is an integral part of today's technology world. In complex production facilities as well as in modern vehicles - the flood of information continues to grow. To keep track of the large amount of measured data they have to be combined and processed. FusionSystems is dedicated to this task so that humans and machines are better complementary.


Whether you want to recognise pedestrian or want to check the correct size of components in the production, whether you want to move your autonomous vehicles without quide wire freely, or whether you need support by the development of a driver´s assistance system - the emplyees of FusionSystems are glad about every challenges.


For years FusionSystems has gained a lot of theoretical and practical experiences in the areas of the data filtering, clustering and classification. These procedures were used among other things in the area of the image processing as well as the sensor signal processing generally.


recognition of objectives

In today's working day mobile devices such as robots or AGVs are often indispensable. The FusionSystems GmbH offers the service to customise your mobile vehicles to the requirements necessary for you.

We configure the vehicles so that they are able to recognise objects. This means that the equipment recognises objects and assigns them to the known classes of objects. If it is necessary in your business to transport boxes of workpieces from point A to point B, the vehicle is able to identify a box, pick it up correctly and safely and transport it to the defined position.

The possibilities are various. for Example the vehicle may be able to independently detect non-motorized trolleys and attach these independently and bring them to their destination.


recognition of persons

The recognition of persons or pedestrians is a core competence of FusionSystems. In addition the detection of persons in video images (FIR camera, gray-value camera) and in particular the detection and accurate localization of persons with multi-sensory systems (e. g. infrared camera and laser scanner) is an important field of work.

The recognition software from FusionSystems is characterized by a high recognition performance with simultaneously low false alarm rates. The consistent use of tracking methods provides the necessary stability of detection.

path planning

The track control is a very basic sub-task in the operation of automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) and in robotics in principle.

The path planning answers the question how to get from a place A to a place B, where all restrictions on the vehicle and the environment are taken into account. This requires in particular the information about the local conditions (image on a digital map).

In addition, current obstacles and other vehicles can be included in the path planning. The route will be recalculated online and bypass the obstacle safely. As a result your vehicles gain more flexibility and are rarely blocked by delays.

The path control systems is based on the path planning, which ensures a precise drive on the pre-planned path.

The path planning offers great potential for optimization and requires a detailed analysis and technical realisation. We plan your routes with our map editor and then adjust the routes easily and quickly.



recognition of obstacles 

At the recognition of obstacles we are deciding between the recognition of obstacles without contact and obstacles with contact.

The non-contact recognition of obstacles is implemented by means of laser scanner which senses at an angle of 190 ° or 270 ° the environment. If an object exceeds a predetermined distance, the scanner sends a signal to the control system, which in turn causes the vehicle to stop. The advantages are the connection to FSKonturNav and  the flexible security system which adapts to the environment.

The Recognition of hindrance with contact is realised by a bumper, which is mounted at the front or at the back of the vehicle. The security system will respond with a stop of the vehicle as soon as an obstacle is touching the bumper. The advantages are the economic solution and the easy installation and activation.